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Animation's choppy and slow, and the looping and snow kinda just didn't do anything for me really. Though nice message of living off the land completely free and independent which is, or at least that's how I saw it and I could be wrong about it. And then there's the setting of the forest and mountain areas, diggable and distinguishable from the characters which is also nice, tho the man can sometimes blend in with the forest bits but not that big of a problem due to the saturation saving it.

The pacing is what really got me shooken up, maybe that could be fixed by either scrapping the spring bit in the beginning or showing a progression in time that would warrant the shift between green and snow. And in terms of animation fixing up the inbetweens for smoother rates would work. Other than that, rock on dude.


Smooth and loops well, the head area kinda seems fucked and bland, but overall feels pretty stiff.
Maybe perhaps liven and express it more with some details around it, especially with the face, then it would be cooler.

Danimations7 responds:

Yeah I see it now too when You told me, head is kinda dead lmao

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It's pretty bland and boring but at least it functions.
Could probably use some better assets in terms of visuals and audio, mess with the gui, mix up gameplay and make it so that the enemies don't spawn on top of you and there you go, a decent browser game.

VenxGrounds responds:

thanks for your review!

I remembered playing this when I was a kid in middleschool on Sharkpie I believe and it was one of my favorites, here I am as an adult pissing on Newgrounds and I still hold this pretty high after playing it for a bit. Probably nostalgia or something, but I still fucking like it.

I like the concept, being the guy to hire a mascot, even got spice in the form of characters reacting to not getting the job, but then that gets fugged into 3 by it being slow as hell, and also the game froze after I declined the ginger kid... what could happen is some refinement to it, like dig deep and flesh out the concept and interractions a little to get some of that good shit.

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Man I can't believe you just submitted a blank sheet of paper, nothing at all is happening there

Original planned intro look'n ass


They call me a comic "artist" and all,
still trying to learn how to animate but rn I'm just focusing on drawings, comics, and shitposting on the NG Forums

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